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About Us

For over a decade, MDC Productions has worked with countless charities and advocacy groups to help them raise money and awareness. MDC works to establish and nurture rewarding relationships between people and businesses who care deeply for the well-being of the community and provide them with trustworthy support and services.

We connect and mobilize like-minded individuals and companies and direct their passion for helping others. We partner with world class non-profits, high-profile celebrities, distinguished brands, and charitable companies who are socially and environmentally responsible.

Our areas of expertise span the non-profit, public relations, law enforcement, Hollywood, music, finance, business, pro sports, and medical communities and we are always looking to grow. Our vast network has been used to pool resources, launch campaigns, host special events, galvanize members of the community, and raise funds and awareness for causes that move us and the world forward. Our mission has always been to connect the people who want to help with the people who need help the most.

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