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MDC helps businesses and individuals identify ways to improve brand recognition, increase awareness for a cause or campaign, establish key partnerships, become more active in the community, fundraise more effectively, plan events and launch successful video and marketing campaigns.

Strategic Consulting

We help NON-PROFITS identify ways to improve brand recognition, increase awareness, establish mutually beneficial partnerships, elevate your position in the community, fund-raise, plan events and activities, produce corporate videos, public service announcements and other rich media content, and expand your social media presence. We strategize and collaborate with Marketing, Media, and Community Relations Directors to help identify internal challenges and roadblocks, set realistic goals for increased recognition, funding, and community support, as well as develop practical and actionable plans/benchmarks for achieving these goals. We help businesses effectively and efficiently support issues that directly affect your communities, consumers or constituents.  Whether your passion is the environment, animal rescue, adoption awareness, clean living, healthy eating, funding research for treatments for various diseases, eradicating poverty, supporting programs that help individuals battling addiction, PTSD, cancer and other illnesses, etc. our team can help identify which organizations best represent your interests. Finding the right partner, establishing a healthy relationship and working with complete transparency is the recipe for any happy and productive marriage.  We work with your team to determine which causes and/or charities to support and identify the most effective ways for you to invest; i.e. sponsorship opportunities, hosting events, donating goods and services, mobilizing employees, video campaigns, cause marketing, etc. VIEW EXAMPLES of how we've worked alongside world-class organizations to help them grow their brand.

Media Production + Integrated Campaigns

We offer creative, video, and post-production services, scriptwriting, editing, shooting, location scouting and more. Whether it's covering a live event, producing a campaign, PSA, or creating content for social media, we can meet all your video production needs.

Individual and Corporate Philanthropy

We help manage and coordinate philanthropic efforts for a wealth of high-profile individuals (actors, athletes, musicians, artists) and charitable companies; helping to broker rewarding and lasting relationships between clients and world-class organizations.

Event Planning (Live + Virtual)

Our team has extensive experience planning and coordinating large and small events from community bake sales to private events with major Hollywood film studios and celebrities. We can help strategize, set measurable objectives, identify venues and vendors, engage potential sponsors, draft proposals and generate attendance and publicity. We are instrumental in helping clients achieve specific awareness and marketing goals. With the help of some landmark venues throughout New York City, MDC has also created a ground-breaking program called STUDIO SNEAK PEEKS, which invites major film studios and top Hollywood talent to screen the latest films for children who are battling cancer and unable to attend a regular theater. Visit our Gallery to see some of our fundraisers, movie screenings, celebrity meet & greets, toy drives, panel events and more!

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