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A Children's Adventure Podcast

Join Isla, our brave young heroine, as she is magically transported to the mythical land of Camelot where she befriends a boy named Pen and a wise old wizard who loves to rhyme!


Inspired by the legends of King Arthur and his noble knights of the Round Table, Isla embarks on a quest to find the mysterious "silver lining". She makes new friends and overcomes many obstacles along the way. Her journey is filled with action, adventure, and a whole lot of magic! Soon she begins to realize that a ray of hope can be found in every gloomy situation and that the “silver lining” is closer than she ever imagined!


The Search for the Silver Lining introduces a young audience to original content that inspires solutions to age-appropriate problems they may face in their own lives. The series gently tackles issues such as fear, self-doubt, bullying, disappointment, anger, and more. Each episode is laced with themes of perseverance and empowerment! The Search for the Silver Lining supports social emotional learning, fosters critical and creative thinking, and reinforces positive messages of hope, faith, humor, kindness, and compassion.


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MDC Productions would like to thank the following for their support of this endeavor, which has truly been a labor of love: Robert De Niro, Liam Neeson, Emily Blunt, Chris Hemsworth, William Moseley, Kristen Bell, Teresa Palmer, Charlie Hunnam, and Sebastian Stan. We are so grateful they were each willing to lend their voices to introduce the series, narrate some episode intros, and help us generate a little buzz! We humbly appreciate all their support over the years and are proud to come together to help spread some much-needed laughter and positivity amongst our young listeners. We hope you enjoy listening to The Search for the Silver Lining as much as we've enjoyed bringing this magical, mystical world to life!




Series Created and Written by: Meagan Celeste + Isla Nemeth
Copywriters: Maia Glikman, Ben Fleck & Jennifer Clary
Sound Editor and Mixer: Ron Tendick

Illustrator and Animator: Kiran Wajahat

Audience Information

Genre: Kids & Family (ages 5+)
Description: Adventurous, inspiring
Produced By: MDC Productions & GoKidGo
Distributed By: GoKidGo
Episode Length: 15 minutes (approx)

MDC Productions

MDC Productions is a boutique production company with unique competencies that span a variety of disciplines including non-profit consulting, video production, event planning, and celebrity engagement. For over a decade, MDC Productions has provided trustworthy direction, support, and bespoke white-glove production services for individuals and companies across a variety of industry verticals and has helped raise awareness for some of the most critical issues in the world today. MDC Productions creates memorable experiences and activations with world-class non-profits, distinguished global brands, government agencies, professional sports teams, and high- profile Hollywood talent and studios. MDC Productions is committed to creating positive and engaging experiential content that fosters empathy and activism and has been recognized for their extensive philanthropic work. MDC Productions is represented by Gunderson Dettmer.  


GoKidGo is an award-winning podcast network for narrative children’s content with popular shows for kids of all ages. Dubbed the audio imagination company for kids, GoKidGo prides itself on an audio-first approach to establishing quality children’s entertainment. GoKidGo is the only podcast company that has received national STEM accreditation, which means their content can be used as EdTech (educational technology) and supplemental learning resources in a classroom setting. GoKidGo is enhanced by beloved talents like R.L. Stine and enjoys supportive partnerships with Stampede Ventures, HappyNest, Workhouse Media, and GoKidGo is represented by UTA.


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