About MDC Productions

MDC Productions provides trustworthy direction, support and services for individuals and companies who want to make the world a better place through personal altruism, corporate philanthropy or service to the community.

OUR MISSION is to establish and nurture rewarding relationships between individuals and businesses who care deeply for the well-being of others and their community. Our goal is to connect and mobilize volunteers from all walks of life and direct their passion for helping others.

Instead of representing or identifying with one specific brand, charity, celebrity or organization, our team is actually a group of individuals and companies from all around the world who have come together in support of a variety of causes. We work diligently to help broker strategic relationships that produce powerful, effective results. We pride ourselves on working with trustworthy non-profit organizations as well as high-profile individuals, brands and companies that are socially and environmentally responsible. We have experience working across countless professions including law enforcement, Hollywood, public relations, music, finance, business, professional sports and the medical community.

Our vast network can be used to pool resources, collaborate on projects and special events, expand personal and professional references, galvanize members of the community and effectively raise money and awareness for worthy causes. We offer a diverse range of personalized services and clients can expect to receive expert advice, individualized attention and innovative solutions.

MDC currently donates all proceeds to charity.

Meagan Celeste

Meagan Celeste

Meagan has spent over 15 years working with non-profit organizations, global ad agencies, public relations firms and top celebrity activists.
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Liz Spranzani

Liz Spranzani

Liz was inspired through the years by Meagan's genuine dedication to her charitable causes.
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Chris Drozdowski

Chris has over 20 years of technical consulting experience working for various agencies and IT firms, most recently as a Senior Engineer at a digital agency in Boston. Chris has worked with Meagan for over a decade; his main focus at their last job together was utilizing technology to increase client brand awareness.
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John Hedlund

John Hedlund

John Hedlund is a proud partner of MDC Productions and is the current CEO and Executive Producer of Open Iris Entertainment and Exit 172 Productions.
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Ashley Faison

Ashley Faison

Ashley Faison, LCSW, is a seasoned non-profit leader, organizational strategist and professional fundraiser with over 15 years of experience and demonstrated success. Driven by creativity and compassion, she has helped management teams solve complex systemic challenges, built strategic partnerships from the ground up and raised millions of dollars to help sustain charitable organizations.
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Daria Scoccimarro

DARIA NICOLE SCOCCIMARRO is an Emmy Nominated Director, Senior Producer, Creative and Development Lead fundamental in driving forward both the ideation and execution of award-winning film, photo, editorial, live events and branded content, with luminaries in the industry.
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Maureen Isern

Maureen Isern

Maureen Isern is the Founder and Director of MOPED Productions, a full-service production and digital media company that intersects stories with the benefits of technology to catalyze conversation, mobilize audiences and drive impact. MOPED and MDC have collaborated on philanthropic projects over the last decade.
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