EMBER - who we are

For over a decade, MDC has been proud to help countless charities and advocacy groups raise money and awareness for their respective causes. But we've seen too many scenarios where research and treatment was not enough. In times of trauma and tragedy, anxiety and fear can be crippling. When people are overwhelmed, sometimes it's easy to lose hope or the will to fight and we all know that a positive attitude is half of any battle.

"We don't remember days, we remember moments."

ignite your passion

ignite your passion

Our vision is to transform the way people respond to tragedy and to bring communities together to foster a stronger sense of awareness, empathy and altruism. Our mission is to bring much-needed comfort to individuals and families going through periods of hardship by creating uniquely joyful and memorable experiences that can help lift the human spirit. Countless studies have shown tremendous benefits to being on both the receiving AND the giving end of this type of compassion. We believe all it takes is a single ember to spark a bit of hope or light a little fire. And all it takes is a little fire to provide warmth or light in times of darkness. EMBER strives to be what our name implies: the spark that helps ignite a passion for giving back.

EMBER operates within the social impact and charitable giving space, offering amplification tools to magnify the reach of a specific cause or campaign and allowing individuals/companies to see the impact of their contribution firsthand.

* Pediatric Cancer
* Cancer Research
* Human Trafficking
* Adoption Awareness
* Hereditary Disease
* Foster Care Reform
* Support for Veterans
* Military and Law Enforcement Support
* Food Allergy Awareness
* Anti-bullying
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direct your passion

direct your passion

MDC Productions was established to produce and nurture rewarding relationships between people and businesses who care deeply for the well-being of their community and provide them with trustworthy support and services, MDC connects and mobilize volunteers and directs their passion for helping others.

We partner with world-class non-profits, high-profile individuals, distinguished brands, and charitable companies that are socially and environmentally responsible. Our network and areas of expertise span the non-profit, public relations, law enforcement, Hollywood, music, finance, business, professional sports and medical communities and we are always looking to grow.

Our vast network can be used to pool resources, collaborate on projects and special events, expand personal and professional references, galvanize members of the community and raise funds and awareness for causes that move us and the world forward. Fundraising and networking is led by our charitable arm, Ember Philanthropy Group.