Meagan Celeste


Meagan Celeste, principal and founder, spent 12 years as Global Vice President of AdForum, where she worked with advertising agencies to increase the visibility of their brand and cultivate strong relationships with their clients. After studying sport law and graduating with a B.S. in Kinesiology/Sports Management, Meagan began her career at a national news television network where she was constantly exposed to stories of people in need and grew increasingly compelled to help. After seeing the film Hotel Rwanda and Don Cheadle's Oscar-worthy performance, she was inspired to write, produce and direct a PSA for Save Darfur Coalition. Meagan successfully persuaded Don Cheadle and the real-life genocide survivor Paul Rusesabagina to participate. Music artist Wyclef Jean granted the rights to his song from the soundtrack and footage was donated by actress/activist Mia Farrow, Amnesty International and UNHCR. The PSA earned millions of views and was featured on Access Hollywood during its second week of distribution.

Meagan has since spent over 15 years working with non-profit organizations, global ad agencies, public relations firms and top celebrity activists. In the last decade, Meagan has sat on the board of a renowned national children’s cancer charity and has worked on national campaigns, public service announcements and private events with various celebrities including Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, Robert DeNiro, Melissa McCarthy, Hugh Jackman, Emily Blunt, Chris Pratt, James McAvoy, Sebastian Stan, and many others who trust her when it comes to introducing them to charitable organizations and advising them on best practices and volunteer opportunities. She also works to coordinate movie screening events for Ronald McDonald House New York with top studios such as NBC/Universal, Disney, Dreamworks, Fox, Marvel and Lionsgate. Working with such a vast network of philanthropic companies and individuals inspired her to form a network of professionals who could be called upon to pool resources and ideas in order to more effectively serve the greater good. The Active Response Team is an extension of her personal efforts to support world-class charities that focus on a variety of causes including international adoption, human rights issues and pediatric cancer awareness.

Meagan is a proud mom to a beautiful, headstrong little girl who shares her love for all things music, song and dance. Aside from time spent with family and friends, Meagan's passions include trying to teach her daughter how to play the piano, surfing year-round in the Caribbean with her husband and playing men's beer league ice hockey at Prudential Center, home to the NJ Devils.