Liz Spranzani

CTO, Development at Verndale

Liz Spranzani is the Chief Technology Officer at Verndale, a digital agency with corporate headquarters in Boston, MA. After graduating from Boston College with degrees in Computer Science and Psychology, Liz began working at Verndale in 2001. She has had the privilege of playing various critical roles within the organization as it has grown from a 7-person company to a global 200-person agency, including engineer, technical lead, architect, and has most recently assumed the role of leader of development in 2015. Her key responsibilities include working with her teams to ensure that transformational projects for Fortune 500 companies are executed successfully on budget and in time while pushing the boundaries of technical innovation, and more importantly making sure her employees are satisfied and excited about their careers.

More than 10 years ago, after moving back to New Jersey, Liz was introduced to Meagan and they quickly cultivated a strong friendship. Liz was inspired through the years by Meagan's genuine dedication to her charitable causes but wasn't sure how she could help. When Liz and her husband Chris were blessed with their daughter Sasha in 2015, Liz came to the realization that it was time to become more active and be a role model for her daughter. An important part of that is to show Sasha how to put others first, and to not just talk about doing something, but actually doing it. She could think of no one better than Meagan to help her get involved. Liz is now doing her best to put her organizational, technical, and leadership skills to use in support of those who need it most.