Everyday heroes and companies

Community Responders

They volunteer time, money or services to those in need.

Community Responders are everyday heroes who volunteer time, energy, effort, services and/or money in support of the world-class organizations we partner with. These include students, youth activists, lawyers, doctors, teachers, nurses, recording artists, publicists, studio executives, bankers, friends, family members, teammates, etc. and all other good-hearted individuals who want to be the change they wish to see in the world.

This group includes esteemed businesses and organizations that offer support via the donation of time, money, goods, sponsorships, endorsements, services and/or use of facilities for the benefit of the organizations we support. These charitable companies include but are not limited to top financial institutions, Fortune 500 businesses, major film studios and distribution companies, historic landmark hotels and venues, clothing lines, food and beverage vendors and professional sports teams.

Featured Community Responders