April 01 2018

It was a busy few months for MDC filled with lots of fun events, unforgettable memories and many new friendships. The holiday season was extra special thanks to the generosity of our dear friend Liam Neeson and new friend John Cena, as well as the amazing teams at Fox and NBCUniversal who always go above and beyond to answer our calls for help. The new year brought many new opportunities to do good in the community -- click here to read our Q1 2018 NEWSLETTER to see what we've been up to! MDC is incredibly honored to support and partner with so many amazing organizations and individuals who are working hard to make a positive difference in the world. Whether it's teaming up with our brave and selfless First Responders; seeking support from our unbelievably talented and compassionate roster of Celebrity Responders; or getting help from our generous Community Responders -- we are truly grateful to all those who have answered our call for help. 

We rely on the collective generosity and trust from others to keep us moving forward so we may continue to bring help, happiness and a lot of love to those who need it most. In truth, it's very easy to feel frustrated, angry and depressed by all the tragedy and unfairness we see on a daily basis, whether it's helplessly watching a loved one battle cancer or trying to comfort a parent who is grieving the loss of their child. One day it's a desperate mom trying to protect her daughter from bullying (which immediately makes you worry for your own child) and the next it's hearing from victims of human trafficking and knowing they will never be the same. It's hard knowing thousands of children are suffering neglect and abuse in foster care and realizing that could have been your life, had you not been adopted by such a warm and loving family. It's meeting a sweet, vibrant little boy named Bruce (pictured below, just 5 yrs old when diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor) and wondering how on Earth something this awful can happen to an innocent child. 

But as long as others continue to reach out and donate a little bit of time and energy into helping us help others, then we will always have hope. It is only through the goodness and compassion of others that we're able to move forward with continued optimism and excitement for the future. With your support we can continue to create unique opportunities, plan unforgettable events and produce compelling video content with the power to educate, inspire and mobilize countless more. We are so grateful to the amazing friends, colleagues, collaborators and mentors we've met along the way. 
Thanks for reading!