Kids Kicking Cancer Teaches Us How to Live Healthier Lives

Kids Kicking Cancer is a Detroit based non-profit organization dedicated to empowering kids with cancer
October 06 2011

Kids Kicking Cancer doesn’t have the global visibility of the wildly successful pink ribbon campaign for breast cancer awareness that is front and center each October. At least not yet. But if Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg, or Rabbi G as the kids call him, has anything to say about it, it’s only a matter of time. “There is no excuse for children to be in the type of pain and feel the sense of despair that accompanies pediatric disease.”

Through the organization’s philosophy of “power, peace, and purpose”, kids learn to use martial arts based breathing techniques to empower themselves and reduce the stress that comes with being “healthy kids with tumors”. The practical application, according to a former Pfizer statistician, is that 88.1% of the time the program intervenes, a child’s pain is significantly lowered.

High-profile supporters and friends include Demi Moore, Gerard Butler, the Jonas Brothers, Colin Farrell, Hugh Jackman, and Jessica Biel.

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