Kids Kicking Cancer

Power Peace Purpose

Kids Kicking Cancer is an amazing non‐profit organization that teaches children how to cope with the physical and emotional effects of a cancer diagnosis through meditation, martial arts and spiritual training.

MDC proudly teamed up with the wonderful Rabbi Goldberg, founder of Kids Kicking Cancer, to offer pro bono video production services and assist them with their fundraising efforts. MDC also helped to edit a video designed to inspire people around the world to embrace the philosophies and techniques taught by the program, which are vital to maintaining one’s holistic well‐being. Kids Kicking Cancer patients routinely undergo exercises to strengthen their minds and bodies to help combat the effects of their illnesses. These practices can be applied to people of all ages who suffer symptoms stemming from childhood obesity, insomnia, asthma, anxiety, high blood pressure, substance abuse, etc...all of which can be triggered or perpetuated by chronic stress or fear.

MDC worked with Kids Kicking Cancer to help grow their robust “Hollywood Heroes” program which enlisted celebrity support to help heighten the visibility of the program, gain additional media exposure and increase public awareness. Actors such as Gerard Butler, Josh Hartnett, Colin Farrell, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, the Jonas Brothers, Jessica Biel and actors from the Chronicles of Narnia cast all lent their voices in support of this campaign; offering words of encouragement and filming the organization’s mantra: power, peace, purpose (‘power’ symbolizing strength gained from physical and spiritual training, ‘peace’ symbolizing emotional calmness and acceptance and ‘purpose’ being the intent of every individual to find meaning in their lives).

MDC also worked with local vendors and restaurant/bar owners in the NY/NJ Metro area to host fundraising events for Kid Kicking Cancer which helped raise awareness and money for the organization.

MDC also filmed belting ceremonies and conducted interviews with martial arts instructors who were leadership team members of Kids Kicking Cancer. MDC also brought in MTV and VH1 film crews to document John and Eric Nies performing martial arts with the kids for an exclusive “Where Are They Now?” series which revisited past MTV “Real World” stars.

MDC’s principal and founder, Meagan Celeste, was also a member of the board of directors for a number of years.

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