Hereditary Disease Foundation

The mission of the Hereditary Disease Foundation is to fund innovative research towards curing Huntington’s disease and impacting other brain disorders.

In 1983, the Hereditary Disease Foundation became the first to use DNA markers to discover the neighborhood of the Huntington’s disease gene. This breakthrough helped launch the Human Genome Project. Following this discovery, the Hereditary Disease Foundation pioneered many technologies for mapping and finding genes.  A decade later the Foundation identified the specific Huntington’s disease gene, its defect, and the protein that encodes it, unlocking critical knowledge needed to find the cure.

The Foundation focuses on curing Huntington’s disease, not only because of its devastating consequences to individuals and families, but because it is a model for curing other brain disorders.

MDC Productions worked with The Hereditary Disease Foundation to produce a public service announcement aimed at raising awareness about the disease and directing viewers to learn more and donate towards a cure. MDC enlisted the help of actor Tim Robbins who agreed to appear in the PSA, which focused on a perfectly healthy young girl who was suddenly faced with the crippling effects of Huntington’s Disease, an inherited neurodegenerative disease for which there is currently no cure.

MDC also enlisted the help of the award-winning writers and producers of NBC’s hit comedy show “SCRUBS” about the possibility of incorporating Huntington’s Disease into the storyline of one of their episodes. Not only was MDC instrumental in getting this proposal considered; the request was granted and MDC was consulted on the scripting for the final two-part SERIES FINALE which would focus on a patient suffering from Huntington’s Disease and include a call to action driving viewers to the Hereditary Disease Foundation’s website.

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