MDC Attends Hopeland Screening of The Front Runner

When: Thursday, December 06 2018

MDC was honored to be invited to a first-look screening of The Front Runner, a thought-provoking look at the controversial rise and fall of presidential candidate Gary Hart that provided the backdrop for today's sensational political climate and celebrity culture. The film stars Hugh Jackman, who joined the event and spoke about his experience making the movie. Gary Hart once said that while most people think America is a democracy, we're actually a republic and the only way a republic works is if everyone is willing to embrace their civic duty. Truer words were never spoken. Imperfect and flawed, Gary Hart was still a sympathetic figure who wanted to live a life of public service, not a life in the public eye. The conversation was especially poignant to have on a bittersweet day when America said goodbye to the much-loved President Bush who won the election when Hart withdrew; another charismatic and intelligent politician who embraced his own civic duty through distinguished military, public and political service. Brilliant movie and thanks so much to OurHopeland for inviting us.