Fun Night with STATE Bags

When: Friday, March 01 2019

Honored to spend quality time @RMHNY with Scot and Jacq Tatelman, founders of STATE Bags, a charitable company which was recently featured in TIME and Forbes for the difference they're making with underprivileged youth all across the US. For every purchase, STATE supports a child in need by donating fully stocked backpacks, funding impactful programs or shedding light around social inequalities. Whether it's helping low-income families, hospitalized children or those in foster care, STATE Bags finds a unique and helpful way to give back. Over the years they've donated thousands upon thousands of bags and products. In one day, they visited 8 different charities and donated almost 1,000 backpacks filled with socks, crayons, jewelry and more. This compassionate and generous duo are so inspiring!