Broadway Inspirational Voices 25th Anniversary Kickoff

When: Wednesday, June 19 2019

What a privilege it was to attend the 25th Anniversary kickoff celebration honoring Broadway Inspirational Voices. Founder Michael McElroy, recently honored at this year's Tony Awards, is a true visionary who has encouraged countless Broadway artists over the last two decades to come together and raise their voices to inspire, uplift and raise money to help transform lives. Their mission is to bring hope, love and light to people from all walks of life through the healing power of music and the arts. They work with the biggest movie stars and musical artists on some of the grandest stages in the world (hello Hugh Jackman), but even more importantly they're committed to working with children fighting cancer, the homeless and young kids living in some of the most poverty-stricken areas of the country. Here's a clip of a song they sang which reminds us that even during the most difficult times, we are never truly alone (even when it feels that way). If every child battling disease, illness, bullying, depression or loneliness could hear this song and feel the unconditional truth, love and passion they've laced through every single word, they would be so comforted to know there are good people in the world who have been in their shoes, fought similar fights and have overcome similar challenges...and now they're working hard to make things better for others.